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On 5 April 2023 at 6 p.m., the webinar "Online Demo on the App" will provide you with basic information on the use and benefits of the app.

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What can the app do?

The AM Suisse APP simplifies the following, indispensable business processes in a unique way and simplifies the QM or criminally relevant business proof obligation enormously!

Credential, Qualification & Training Management

Quality and process management

Occupational Safety & Health

Corporate Communications

Technically, the APP is designed to be industry-neutral and can be customized for a wide range of construction and industrial sectors.

Credential, Qualification & Training Management


Quality and process management

Occupational Safety & Health


Corporate Communications

Technical information

Browser / web interface (PC) for arministrator and administration

Hosted in Switzerland / data storage in CH, backup in Germany

Import / export of projects or employees via CSV interface or via QR code scan (for employees without smartphone).

Data protection guaranteed for CH-DSG2023

All functions can be used comfortably from any browser (PC / tablet), but also via smartphone.

6-language system structure, delivery AM Suisse = German, French & Italian, where French and Italian - translations are partly made with DeepL.

Access to activated modules is segmented according to function (boss / HR, safety officer, project manager, assembly manager, workshop manager, employees TB, WE, MO, etc.).

Job sites / production sites can be mapped. This automatically creates a worker logbook --> can theoretically serve as the basis for government reports, maintenance service up to presence time recording on the construction site including GPS registration.

Scanning the QR code of the temporary or the new employee shows the foreman his profile (trainings etc.). This prevents e.g. double instructions on the same topic

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Price Table

Price list Service Price for members of AM Suisse who are also members of the branch solution No.10 Price for others
One time costs
  Initial installation company incl. commissioning CHF 1300.- CHF 2800.-
  Training Included CHF 400.-
Recurring costs
  Licenses Equasio CHF 48.- / User / Year CHF 72.- / User / Year
  Platform operation & updates CHF 240.- / Year CHF 240.- / Year

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